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democratically elected civilian government based on rule of law. fundamental freedoms. and then open and competitive economy. jerry downplayed last month's decision by the us to withhold a shipment of some military hardware in financial aid in protest of the interim government's crackdown on the muslim brotherhood has a tissue was a very small issue between us and the government of egypt i think is handled it very thoughtfully and sensitively the usa has been a delicate issue between the united states agreed to us law would require halting all aid to egypt if the events that led to more seeds overthrow really what to say the us has avoided doing that in an effort to maintain whatever influence us gave me a drink as egypt moves toward elections next year. monday morrissey along with fourteen high ranking members of the muslim brotherhood will go on trial charged with inciting violence in relations to the deaths of protesters in december of two thousand thirteen. i'm entering supporters of the islamic muslim brotherhood. when there is more curious is that resembles sees the digits of t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2